Episode 2: Cooking With Kids

In this Episode of “After The Bell Rings”, Tess Dawson, 3rd Grade Teacher from Silver Creek, joins Amy Van Hoose to discuss how you can practice math skills at home with your child while cooking.  

Tess Dawson is from the Pacific Northwest and moved to the Troy, IL area a couple years ago with my husband who is from Edwardsville.  She has a Bachelor’s in Philosophy with a Minor in Anthropology and a Master’s in Teaching.  She’s taught Kindergarten, 4th grade and 3rd grade.  She love teaching at the Triad district and being a part of the community!


Recipes and ideas featured in the show include:

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • Creating a grocery list
  • Making a budget
  • Comparing prices at the grocery store (Greater than or less than)
  • Paying with the correct denominations
  • Making change
  • Following the recipe and talking about fractions (For an added challenge, double or half the recipe)
  • Measurement conversion – metric to us customary for grades 3-5, teaspoons in a tablespoon, cup in a pint, cup in a quart, etc.
  • Measuring with a scale
  • Creating arrays on the cookie sheet
  • Oven temperature – compare oven temperature to our body temperature of 98.6 or outside temperature. Discuss the vocabulary word “degree”
  • Cooking time and elapsed time (what time will it be when they are finished?)
  • Diameter, radius, circumference
  • Dividing the cookies between people

Chicken Noodle Soup

  • Liquid measurements
  • Using a thermometer to watch for a boiling point 212 F, 100 C
  • Using the temperature low, medium, high
  • Volume versus mass and volume vocabulary (liter, milliliter, gallon, quart, pint)

Vegetable Fried Rice

  • Review temperature with burning/smoking points – when does it smoke
  • Measurement volume versus mass with liquid and dry ingredients
  • Use a ruler to measure the size of your chopped vegetables
  • Discuss small, smaller, smallest with your chopped vegetables
  • Create AB, ABA, ABBA, etc. patterns with the vegetables


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