Episode 20: School Safety

In Episode 20, Amy Van Hoose speaks to the Triad District’s School Resource Officers about their jobs and the safety updates that have happened this year in the district.  


Deputy Kip Heinle

Hello, My name is Deputy Kip D. Heinle, or Officer Kip, as the students call me. I grew up in Marion, attended college at SIUE and graduated in 1995. I currently live in Troy with my two daughters. I started my law enforcement career in January 1996 working as a corrections officer at the Madison County Detention Center. I started with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office in September 1998. During my time at the Sheriff’s Office I have worked as a Patrolman, Detective, Process Server and Prisoner Transportation. My current and most rewarding and favorite assignment is working here as Triad High School’s School Resource Officer. I started my assignment at Triad in 2005 and have enjoyed every minute of it. My duties at Triad are to maintain the peace and to provide a safe learning environment for all the students and staff. I also try to give the students a positive, trusting interaction with police. I try and bridge the gap between young adults and the police. Some of my other duties at Triad are to give classroom presentations on topics such as traffic stops and DUI’s and to give instruction for personal and internet safety along with others. I work school sporting events and dances at the school. I give presentations in the community and to civic groups about school, building and personal safety, and what it’s like to be a cop. I also give tours and presentations at the Madison County jail and speak at career fairs. Currently I serve as President of the Illinois School Resource Officers Association, and have served on the board for the past 5 years. Because of this, I have been a guest speaker in various school districts and police departments on school safety and the role of an SRO. I have also been invited to speak at regional and statewide school safety conferences and trainings. I’m also very active in various charity groups within the community. I believe in giving back and molding the youth to become better adults and members of society. I’m truly blessed and love the opportunity I have to work at Triad High School as the SRO. I can be reached by email of by phone at Triad. Thank you, Officer Kip

Deputy C.J. Reckman

I’m Deputy C.J. Reckman, I am a graduate of Edwardsville High School and earned my BS in Anthropology from Illinois State University. I have been with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office since 2005. In that time, I have worked in patrol, narcotics, investigations, and as the School Resource Officer at Triad Middle School since 2015. My role as SRO is by far the most rewarding and enjoyable assignment I have had in my career. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to work with the district and these wonderful students.

Officer Michael Raymond 

I am SRO Mike Raymond, Troy Police Departments first School Resource Officer. I have served in law enforcement since 2008 both civilian and military. Serving in the USAF, I was a Security Forces member and Combat Arms Instructor. My first civilian police job was in the City of Venice for one year and then the Village of Caseyville for one year. I have been with the City of Troy since 2013. Prior to SRO, I served as an investigator and patrol officer. As an investigator, I was promoted to a Supervisor Deputy Report Officer for the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis, and a member of the Child Death Task Force. In order to be the best protect the students, I specialize in computer forensics to better educate them on the dangers. As a patrol officer, I have been heavily involved with the community. Serving as the coordinator for Troy PDs Law Enforcement Torch Run, we raise awareness and funds for Special Olympics athletes. Becoming a part of this great mission, I quickly learned the importance of engaging with the students in our schools and the families in our community. Continuing to expand my knowledge to better help the community has always been a high priority. In 2017, I received my bachelor’s degree from Lindenwood University in Business Administration and graduated in 2018 from SIUE with a Master’s in Public Administration. Working with the Triad School System is a rewarding opportunity and I am fortunate to be apart of increasing and maintaining the safety of all buildings in the district.            

What responsibilities do School Resource Officers have?   SROs are responsible for the safety and well-being of all students, staff and visitors at our school and within the Triad District.  They do much more than this though. They are mentors, educators, parent figures to the students at our schools. Some of their duties include:

  • Monitor the morning drop off and pick up of students
  • Ensure the overall security of the buildings throughout the day.
  • Collaborate with staff on getting into the classrooms to teach aspects of safety. For example, ALICE training, stranger danger, bicycle safety etc.
  • Become mentors and additional resources to the students.

How do SROs work with teachers and administrators and what sort of safety training they receive?

  • The SROs have trained the district staff in ALICE and or 4 E’s.  Both are option based active shooter trainings. They do continuing trainings to refresh new staff and refresh this to staff who may have received this training years ago.  They have also conducted school/classroom safety for substitutes in the district.
  • One major push by the SRO’s is to ensure the continuity of training by all staff. Making sure that if the High School is doing one type of training, all the schools are and so on.
  • The SROs are helping the district move towards first aid and additional major incident training. The reality is teaching these kids a lifelong skill that we hope is never used while in school, maybe the life saving skill the use as an adult in the workforce.

What are some of the safety updates that have been implemented recently?

  • The addition of Troy Police School Resource Officer Mike Raymond at the elementary level. SRO Raymond has primary offices at Silver Creek and Henning, but travels to St. Jacob and Marine to assist with training and any other security function. Having a strong SRO team make a smooth transition for the students between grades and ultimately into adulthood. The SROs will have a lifelong impression on our students!
  • The key to a successful mission is communication. We determined quickly the need to make better communication between school and police.
  • New radios were added to district which allows communication within the buildings and emergency communication with law enforcement. Troy PD will house the emergency communication for the school district radio
  • A complete overhaul of the security cameras was completed. This new system has provided clear picture of the facilities and easier access in the event of an emergency.
  • The addition of advance first aid supplies in the schools, along with 150 emergency backpacks being completed for the elementary level. These backpacks with hold supplies specific for the younger kids in the event of any major incident. Items such as the emergency first aid supplies are standard, but items to keep student occupied or to lighten the stressors on the young students is very critical as well.

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