Episode 17: IXL, UXL, We All Excel!!!

In episode 17, Amy Van Hoose talks to St. Jacob Elementary Teachers Kelly Jewell and Callie Moore about the IXL program that is used in Triad’s K-8 classrooms.  The great news is that IXL can also be used at home. IXL is a K-12 learning experience that provides comprehensive, standards-aligned content for math and language arts.  Triad provides access for students in grades K-8. IXL has been in the district for several years, but is increasing in popularity with teachers each year as we increase the number of chromebooks in the district.  We are now 1:1 with devices in grades 2-12 and 1st grade has several chromebooks, tablets, and desktops to use in the room. Because IXL can go wherever students go, the learning doesn’t have to stop once they leave the classroom!  You can help keep IXL momentum going at home. Through your child’s account, you can check in on their students’ progress, support their growth, and keep them motivated to use IXL at home.

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